Sunday, August 5, 2012

Moving and Back to School!!!

Hope y'all had a great weekend! I have had a pretty busy week between attending professional development meetings, shopping for my classroom, and getting ready to move. Last Tuesday, I met up with my 1st grade team for lunch and to go to Lakeshore Learning! We had a fun time! After our shopping trip, I was able to see my room for the first time! I'm so excited that I can finally start moving into my classroom this coming Wednesday. : )

All of my classroom stuff! I'm sure my parents are excited for me to move so their living room will look normal again! Haha! 

This weekend I have been busy going to garage sales and crafting! I'm usually not that crafty of a person so I'm pretty proud of myself! : )

My $5 garage sale find...this will be my "teacher chair" 

I bought these frames at the dollar store and the animal print paper at Michael's. It cost less than $10 to make! Thank you Kristan for the idea! : ) My friend Kristan is going to be teaching 3rd grade this year and is also doing a jungle theme in her classroom!

I bought these little caddies at Target for $2.50 each! I glued leopard ribbon around the top of each caddie to tie into my jungle theme!

Weekly Organizer! 

 I figured I will put my materials for each day in here!

I have a team meeting in the morning and move into my new apartment this coming Tuesday! Wish me luck! I will try to update soon!


  1. So many cute things for your classroom, Christa! I ♥ everything! PS--that chair is awesome! What a great find!

  2. Love all your school stuff! What a cute way to dress up those caddies with ribbon! You got a GREAT deal on that chair, I'm jealous! LOL! :) Those organizers will help with staying organized!

  3. I love your school stuff! Super cute!! You will have to take photos when your classroom is all decorated =)