Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Classroom Sneak Peek!!!!

Hey guys...hope you are having a great week! I just wanted to give y'all a quick update! I have been busy this past week moving into my new apartment and decorating my classroom! I moved into my apartment last Tuesday and my classroom on Wednesday. It has been a crazy week! My classroom is slowly coming along. I have been having so much fun decorating my room and designing my bulletin boards!

Here is a little sneak peek of my classroom...

Before Picture!

My reading center....I still need to organize my library! If anyone has any TIPS....please do share!

Birthday Bulletin Board - BORN TO BE WILD

Word Wall

The cute pillows my talented aunt made for my reading center! I just LOVE them! 

I promise to post more pictures once I'm completely done! :) I have new teacher orientation all this week so I'm hoping to finish up within the next week or so!


  1. love it! for the books, get those cheap bins to store them by level on the shelf..do you do the daily 5? i saw that in a classroom and each child had a bin of books that were on their level so you could store books in a bin labeled with each childs name...even though that may have to wait til you start teaching and see what level they are on.

    you sound as busy as i am...i'm moving into my classroom tomorrow, thursday, and friday...and moving into my apartment friday afternoon. definitely a hectic time but at least it's all exciting events!!

  2. I love your classroom! My daughter is going into 1st grade this coming school year =) It's so nice to see bright, colorful and fun classrooms now! I remember growing up and our classrooms had no themes and it was well, boring! haha You've done a great job with yours!!! =)

  3. Your classroom is looking great! :) I meant to take pictures today of mine, but just got too busy!

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