Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! It was nice being able to relax some and not worry about getting up early for work. I just had to work Monday and Tuesday this past was an easy week! On Tuesday, we read a lot of books about Thanksgiving and did some fun activities. After work, I went home to visit my parents for the week. I was excited to go visit because I had only been home once since this summer. On Thursday, we went to both of my grandparents houses to eat. I'm sure I gained probably about 10 lbs! It was fun getting to see everyone! Here are a few pictures...

I will blog later this week about the rest of my break! :) 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Orleans and A&M vs. Alabama Game!

It might seem like I have fallen off the face of the earth, but I promise I am still alive! :)  It has been forever since I have last blogged! I hope y'all are doing good. I FINALLY feel that school is starting to calm down a bit. The first six weeks were CRAZY! 

Not this past Friday but last, I took my first personal day to go visit my parents in Louisiana! I was kinda worried about leaving my kids with a substitute but everything went smoothly! :) Last month, my parents rented a condo in Slidell, LA which is about 30 minutes away from New Orleans. The condo was located right on the bay so my dad was able to go fishing everyday!

After I got off work last Thursday, Kyle's mom drove me to the airport. Kyle drove in a couple days before me so he could go fishing with my dad! My flight took off around 8:00 and I landed in New Orleans around 9:00. It was a really quick flight! After Kyle and my parents picked me up from the airport, we went to Harrah's in New Orleans!

That Friday, my mom and I went to go get manicure and pedicures while the boys went fishing. It was nice getting to relax! That evening, we all drove into Biloxi, Mississippi to eat dinner and go to the Beau Rivage. We had so much fun we didn't get back to the condo till 6:00 the next morning. Haha! I did really good on the craps table that night!

On Saturday, we went into New Orleans again! I had a BLAST people watching! We watched the LSU vs. Alabama game at a bar on Bourbon was crazy!!! I had so much fun getting away for the weekend. I needed a little break!

This past Friday, I went to College Station for my friend Kristan's birthday! It was my first time in College Station since July. Caitlin was also in town because she had an interview that day. We went out to the Olive Garden that night to celebrate! We had fun catching up! Hope you had a great birthday Kristan! My cousin Demi also got engaged that night! Congrats Demi! I am so happy for you!

After I left College Station, I went home to watch the A&M vs. Alabama game with my dad! OMG!!! That was the best game ever! We went to a nearby bar to watch the game. The bar got pretty wild the last few minutes of the game! I thought it was so funny that even U.T. fans were cheering for the Aggies! :) I cannot believe we beat the #1 team in College Football!!!! Gig Em Aggies!!!

Hope y'all have a great week!